SMS completed orders

Please note

This feature is not available for all regions.

SMS texts are a great way of saving you time, offering great customer service and ensuring that your framing jobs are picked up promptly.

Setting up SMS orders completed is very Simple and sending SMS texts is straight forward.

Go to Settings/ Customer Admin/ SMS and tick the SMS checkbox.

You can also customise the end of SMS with your own text. A maximum 90 characters including white space can be added. This limit helps to ensure you do not go over the total of 160 characters, if however, you have a customer with a long first name there may be a chance that the message may exceed the limit. Any SMS over 160 characters will not be sent.

When the checkbox in settings is ticked a SMS checkbox becomes visble on the Customer form. When creating a new customer enter a mobile number and tick the checkbox below. This will now send an SMS to the customer when all jobs on a order are marked as completed.

FramR will also check that the number entered is a valid number format for your region. If the number is valid a green checkbox will appear to the right of the number. If the number cannot be validated you will see an orange question mark. This doesn't necessarily mean the number is not valid, just that it could not be validated.

In Outstanding orders mark a job as completed.

Your customer automatically receives the message on their phone that their order is ready to pick up. Imagine if they are in the area, how pleased they will be to know they can call down immediately to pick it up.

Please note: The customer receives a single text message when all the jobs on an order are marked as completed.

Then go to Oustanding completed not collected. In here you can see the SMS status of the job. SMSs' that were correctly sent will be green and incorrectly sent will be orange.

Completed not collected orders that have not had a text sent will have no status, this could be because the customer elected not to be notified by text, or because there are other jobs on the order to be completed. Only when all jobs on a order are marked as completed will they display a status.

Hovering over the reference will display the status result of the text.

Orders that have all their jobs marked as completed will also display the result on the order form if that customer has elected to be notified completed by SMS.

Please note; Service providers charge for sending SMS. Instead of bundling this cost into your subscription and charging for more than you need, we charge only for the text you send ensuring we keep your costs down. SMS charges are deducted from your subscription and will appear in My Subscription/ View Balance. To see the SMS cost for your region click on the help button in settings.