1 - Not the usual drivel

1.1 FSL (FS Limited) does not warrant that this software is fit for anything.

1.2 You use this software at your own risk, even if your house burns down, your well dries up and your goats stop giving milk.

1.3 FSL does not warrant that data entered into this software will be saved. (but we'll try)

1.4 Catalogs are provided by suppliers. FSL is not responsible for the content of supplier catalogs.

1.5 FramR is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties.

1.6 FramR is licensed, not sold.

1.7 FSL retains the right to add, enhance, deprecate, or disable features during the lifetime of the product.

1.8 FramR remains free to use, for free, forever.

2 - Privacy policy

2.1 FSL records only that information required for the functioning of the software.

2.2 FSL does not share your information with anyone.

2.3 FSL may analyse your data internally to improve the software.

2.4 Unsubscribe from FSL mailouts by clicking on the unsubscribe link in emails.

3 - Cancellation policy

3.1 A subscription cannot be cancelled.

3.2 Pro-FramR features remain available while you have a current subscription and a credit balance.

3.3 When you no longer have a current subscription, retention of data and credit are not guaranteed beyond 12 months.

4 - Refund policy

4.1 Don't even think about it.

4.2 Any remaining balance from a current subscription is carried forward to the next month and is not refundable..

5 - Help policy

5.1 Use help videos and help documents in FramR

5.2 Use the helpdesk if your question is not answered in the help documents.

5.3 We prioritise the maintenance of system-wide services as they impact all users.

5.4 Individual requests for assistance are prioritised after system issues. We try to respond when we can, but don't wait up.

5.5 We don't offer counselling and we don't do life support, so if you think you have an emergency, call your local emergency services.

6 - What we require of you

6.1 Enjoy the software.

6.2 Be nice.